Creativity and Music

It’s Go-time.

Fling the curtains open. Sit down in your office chair. See the glare of sunlight on your monitor, and pull the curtains closed again. Plop a cushion down while you’re at it. Crack open that beer / soda / mango smoothie you’ve kept cooled to perfection. It’ll go untouched for awhile, but that’s okay. You just need the smell to get going. It’s a Writer thing.

Not opening the book is part of my ‘thing’. Lined paper drains me. *Sips wine out of a deer skull*

It’s all part of the ritual of chasing Creativity, or the Muse, or however you want to personify the hard-sought brain process that gets your writing going. It’s a fine mental tight-rope to walk, mixing focus and flights of fancy, calm and excitement. We all have our ways of trying to sink into it like a hot bath. And if something messes it up, we go skidding and flailing on the wet floor of the bathroom.

While everyone normally has their own ‘thing’ for getting into this mindset (I love microwave curry and writing at 2am myself), one of the most common creative catalysts I hear of is Music. That is, listening to it, rather than pulling out the tuba while your laptop is booting up.

So on this fine Monday, let’s take a look at just what music is doing for you while you are trying to create. Is Music beneficial to your Creativity?

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