Space Saga begins! Episode 1 is out on YouTube!

A new episode every Saturday, and a new log every Tuesday!

Space Saga is a science fiction comedy audio adventure out for FREE, with industry standard audio production and some damn good jokes about moon-sized loins and hypocritical hippo critters.

With the voice talents of:

Norman and his Holoccordion

Norman and his Holoccordion by Gem

Guy Drewett as the heroic wannabe Captain Murphy

Kieran Burling as the balloon-headed engineer Norman

Jessica Chiba as the morally-grey pilot Rho Teller

Joanne Bailey as the eternally peppy spaceship computer Benson

and Danny Dourado as the dim rock giant Oort.

Gemma Murcott provides the amazing character artwork and Kieran Burling wrote the brilliant theme tune!

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