Season Finale of Space Saga is live!

The crew finally has a chance to make a name for themselves, but their biggest challenge is in front of them: Captain Thunderbolt’s light-up pecs and the muscle-bound Testosteroids. Can they finally learn to work together to escape Thunderbolt’s clutches and find the Golden Record?

And that’s all 1 and a half hours of Season 1! Thank you so much for listening, we hope you had a few chuckles along with Captain Murphy and his crew.

Keep up with what’s going on at the Space Saga website ( for news on Season 2, Codex entries on every creature / planet mentioned in Season 1, and more!

(Cosmic Vertigo is the sensation you get when thinking too hard about just how small and meaningless we are in the vastness of space).

Episode 4: Moon-Sized Loins is Live!

On planet-sized alien Ozmorb, Murphy and Rho get drunk to meet a Barfly, an alien invisible to the sober eye. Norman tries to find out why their robot seems programmed to annoy.

CAPTAIN MURPHY – The son of a famous Space Captain from a Norway-controlled Earth.
NORMAN – A Bufoboyant mechanic with a ballooning head and a timid soul.
RHO TELLER – A veteran pilot with a vast knowledge of alien culture (mostly the swear words).
OORT – An Undulon Gigas with tremendous strength and a tendency to grow evil parasites.
BENSON – Murphy’s exuberant Servicebot, who continues his duties as the Ship’s Computer.
YUG – A mysterious robot that seems programmed to annoy… and enjoys it.

Only one log and one episode left of Season 1! As always, each episode is free to listen to/download at

That’s Space Saga In, not Spaces Again… Or is it?!?!

Making an Indie Radio Comedy Series Part #1

Episode 3 of Space Saga (In Space) is out now for FREE on YouTube, SoundCloud and coming soon to iTunes!

How did Space Saga come about?

It used to be called ‘Space Saga Lol Wow’ and starred all my Uni friends.

I liked writing comedy-adventures with my friends in as a ‘detox’ from whatever my ‘main’ writing project was. So I was steadily practising comedy without realising it…

My partner Gem told me often that these were her favourite pieces of mine. Then one day, my Dad of all people found a chapter of Space Saga and actually laughed.

I hadn’t even considered focusing on comedy until then.

Was it always a Radio Play?

Norman and his Holoccordion

Norman and his Holoccordion by Gem

In all its drafts, Space Saga was a novel. I even wrote 50,000 words of it for National Novel Writing Month.

But I had just spent a year trying and failing to get a children’s book published. I didn’t have the skill-set or budget to publish it or make it into an app on my own. I wanted whatever I wrote next to be something I could make from start to finish.

I already had an incredible artist in my partner Gem to bring any characters to life. It would have been a waste not to try to make SOMETHING.

And I had experience with audio… Continue reading

Space Saga Episode 3 is ready for launch!

We’re at the halfway point for Season 1 already, and with this episode the crew is fully assembled!

This one’s the most Star Trek-y, landing on a strange planet, dealing with the primitive locals, and realising the threat at hand is not entirely what it seems…


Translation: Head to for FREE downloads, codex entries and more!

Space Saga Theme Song by Kieran Burling!

Kieran Burling, who also voiced the character of Norman (the blue-faced balloon-headed one), created the amazing theme song to go with the show. You can listen to it YouTube, or download it for your own pleasure FOR FREE.

I helped shine a light at Kieran to make his living room look like a full studio in this fun music video.

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Quick Laugh: Write a ridiculous Fanfic in 100 words

A silly idea for a writing exercise: write a scene from a fanfic that you absolutely want to be real, in about 100 words.

A man like Squarepants soaked up all sorts of useful information. Unfortunately for him, I was here to wring some truths out of him.

“NO, PLEASE DETECTIVE!” He sobbed as I put my gumshoe through his door. “I’m not in that game anymore!! Not since I lost my partner!”

Ah, yes, dear Patrick. Star of his squad. And now? Sleeping with the fishes. But if Squarepants wouldn’t dish the dirt that was festering in Bikini Bottom, justice would be facing the mightiest rash she had ever seen. I needed Krabs in Bikini Bottom, and to get Krabs… I had to get dirty.


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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Funeral

You are going to die and it will suck!

Fancy Frederick copy

But not for you! Oh no, you’ll be dead and gone and partying it up in the afterlife of your choice. It’ll be nothing but riding vikings or angel mosh pits for you. No, it’s going to suck for the people you’ve left behind because they have to sit through your stinking funeral!

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