4 Steps to Becoming a Superhero


This week’s blog post comes from Captain Sunshine, sweeper of the grief-stricken streets of evil, who does not know Danny Dourado at all *cough* but is grateful that he can borrow his laptop to spread this message to the world. 

Did you know that 99.958% of the population of the world sucks?

Did you know that’s because all those suckers aren’t genuine bonafide super-fied super-powered SUPER-HEROES!?

You should be weeping tears of respect for those red pants

‘But Danny!’ You cry like a choking squirrel. ‘It’s not my fault I’m not a superhero! I’m not even sure they exist!’

Rubbish! Starting with this article you can become one with the world of spandex, flexing, and justice in just four easy steps that have been tested to be FOOLPROOF. But first, we have to start at the beginning! What make a superhero? A superPOWER.

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