Quick Laugh: Write a ridiculous Fanfic in 100 words

A silly idea for a writing exercise: write a scene from a fanfic that you absolutely want to be real, in about 100 words.

A man like Squarepants soaked up all sorts of useful information. Unfortunately for him, I was here to wring some truths out of him.

“NO, PLEASE DETECTIVE!” He sobbed as I put my gumshoe through his door. “I’m not in that game anymore!! Not since I lost my partner!”

Ah, yes, dear Patrick. Star of his squad. And now? Sleeping with the fishes. But if Squarepants wouldn’t dish the dirt that was festering in Bikini Bottom, justice would be facing the mightiest rash she had ever seen. I needed Krabs in Bikini Bottom, and to get Krabs… I had to get dirty.


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