A Radio Play written in response to the style of Samuel Beckett plays and the overarching theme of ‘failure’. The idea was to purposefully fail to allow the formation of an imaginary world in the listener’s mind with two characters that are reduced to nothing and a setting that is impossible to determine. Really, it was just fun to mess around with the most basic unsaid understanding between writer and reader and to have two characters panic about never being able to smell again.

Home Invasion

A Film Script for a twenty minute short. Oscar Hart, fond of alien conspiracies in his old age, believes that he has made contact when a letter is posted through his apartment door telling him he has Three Days remaining. His grandson, Ian, a theatre technician for his school, worries his eccentric grandfather may be in danger, but from something much closer to home than extraterrestrials. Quirky and ‘indie’, as short films tend to be.

Dead Man Walking

A 35 minute Play about an inmate on Death Row who is spared his execution by a presumed miracle, and questions why he has been granted a second chance at life when he was fully accepting of his own death. Then everyone learns the wonders of tap-dance and become a break-out Broadway bonanza! … Not really. It was written at the same time as the short story Curiosity so has a lot of similarities.