Big Door – Freelance Brochure Copy for a Not-For-Profit (2019)

Big Door, a not-for-profit organisation for UK social mobility, develops online video to inspire young people into work.

They requested ‘an engaging breakdown of each UK economic sector’ including the immediate future challenges of the industry and work prospects for today’s teenagers (e.g. Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Engineering, Agriculture, Media etc.)

This is an example of the copy I delivered focusing on the AI sector, balancing the interesting gems with the required level of information. | Read as a PDF |

Leadership Hub – 2 Years Editing Content Stream for WordPress Website

Maintained a content stream for the Hub’s primary website (blogging, weekly emails, videos etc), using resources from the team’s principal Leadership Development consultant to write and present Engaging, Search Engine Optimised, Social Media-friendly material. These example blogs posts featured here were designed to:

  • develop an online presence as a trusted brand and LD resource,
  • inform of and comment on LD occurrences in the industry,
  • demonstrate our unique position as a supplier.

Personally sourced images and edited them in Photoshop to maximise visual engagement, and spent over a hundred hours on basic video-editing in Premiere Pro.


Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5

Item #1: Leaders and Vulnerability

Read on the Hub ||| Read as a PDF

Item #2: Resilient Leaders

Read on the Hub ||| Read as a PDF

Item #3: Why Your Leaders Aren’t Engaged

Read on the Hub ||| Read as a PDF

Item #4: Emergent Learning

Read on the Hub ||| Read as a PDF

Item #5: Build It & They Will Come

Read on the Hub ||| Read as a PDF