Episode 4: Moon-Sized Loins is Live!

On planet-sized alien Ozmorb, Murphy and Rho get drunk to meet a Barfly, an alien invisible to the sober eye. Norman tries to find out why their robot seems programmed to annoy.

CAPTAIN MURPHY – The son of a famous Space Captain from a Norway-controlled Earth.
NORMAN – A Bufoboyant mechanic with a ballooning head and a timid soul.
RHO TELLER – A veteran pilot with a vast knowledge of alien culture (mostly the swear words).
OORT – An Undulon Gigas with tremendous strength and a tendency to grow evil parasites.
BENSON – Murphy’s exuberant Servicebot, who continues his duties as the Ship’s Computer.
YUG – A mysterious robot that seems programmed to annoy… and enjoys it.

Only one log and one episode left of Season 1! As always, each episode is free to listen to/download at spacesagainspace.com.

That’s Space Saga In Space.com, not Spaces Again Space.com… Or is it?!?!